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Here is our new website. As a result of time, money, and resources devoted by volunteers this new website would help our organization to run smoothly, efficiently, and will also bring transparency in many areas. The main features include:

  1. Membership Management
    1. Online membership purchase
    2. Member will automatically be added to PAA Members Only eMail List
    3. Members will receive a membership card for their record
    4. Auto reminder 30 days before membership expiring
    5. Members will have access to any PAA specific documents (Meeting minutes, Constitution, GB Policy decision record, etc.)
    6. PAA admins can create a valid Members list on the fly
  2. Events Management
    1. Admins can create paid or free events. The events will show on event Calendar
    2. Any one can register or buy events tickets
    3. After the purchase is completed a pdf event ticket will be mailed to the buyer
    4. Auto reminder 3 days before the event
    5. Thank you email after the event is finished
    6. Automatic addition of any buyer email into our General email list
  3. Volunteer Signup (Coming soon)
  4. Multimedia (Coming Soon). Here you will be able to see Audios/Pictures/Videos of our events
  5. Articles published in the following areas. We will need volunteer writers to show their writing talent
    1. Pakistan History
    2. General local area community news
    3. Education corner
    4. Women corner
    5. Kids corner
    6. Cooking tips and recipes
    7. Local businesses directory
    8. any other area of interest is welcome
  6. Professional looking newsletter - Payamber
  7. The website and most of the emails are designed mobile friendly to fit screen sizes of 300 - 1200 pixels

Hope you like this new website. A feedback button has been added to the right of this website. Please feel free to use it and provide feedback and suggestions to webmaster and the admins. Thank you

Nadeem Iqbal
V.P. Pakistani-American Anjuman 2014

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