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  • Pakistani Kids

    Pakistani Kids

  • Pakistani People

    Pakistani People

  • Stranded Ship On Clifton Beach 1985

    Stranded Ship On Clifton Beach 1985

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  • Allama Muhammad Iqbal

    Allama Muhammad Iqbal

  • Peacock Dance Rajasthan

    Peacock Dance Rajasthan

  • Pakistani Bus

    Pakistani Bus

  • Kaghan Valley

    Kaghan Valley

  • Sadequain Aftaab-e-Taaza

    Sadequain Aftaab-e-Taaza

  • Murree 1977

    Murree 1977

The following is a comprehensive list of the benefits of PAA Members. This list may not include all ever increasing benefits, so please CONTACT EC for the most current benefits.

  1. Discounted entry tickets for PAA PAID EVENTS
  2. FREE complete listing of a Member business in BUSINESS DIRECTORY
  3. FREE ADVERTISEMENT of member's business with graphic banner through our mailing list emails
  4. Privilege to become an AUTHOR and have your articles published on the website
  5. Right to vote in General Body meetings and in EC election

We are continuously working to add more benefits as they come along. Currently we are working on to add the following benefits

  1. Discounted Auto/Home/Business Insurances
  2. Discounts from the local businesses, such as, desi grocery stores and local restaurants.

Please become a MEMBER of Pakistani-American Anjuman to receive these benefits.