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Some important events in Pakistan history in April 


  • 1950: April 8: Liaquat-Nehru agreement is signed in New Delhi on measures to deal with major Inter-Dominion problems.
  • 1953: April 17: Muhammad Ali Bogra is sworn is as Prime Minister.
  • 1955: April 18–24: Pakistan participates in the Bandung Conference.
  • 1961: April 22: Government institutes Film Awards.
  • 1962: April 27: Veteran statesman of Pakistan, A. K. Fazlul Haq dies in Dhaka at age 89.
  • 1963: April 21: The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors adopts code of Press Ethics.
  • 1970: April 6: First ordinance factory is inaugurated at Ghazipur.
  • 1972: April 14: First session of National Assembly. Bhutto elected President.
  • 1972: April 21: Martial Law lifted; constitutional rule is restored in the country. Hamoodu-ur-Rehman is sworn in as Chief Justice of Pakistan.
  • 1973: April 10: 1973 Constitution of Pakistan enacted by the National Assembly.
  • 1975: April 10: Noted scholar and VC of Karachi University Dr. Mehmood Hussain dies.
  • 1978: April 6: First of the 13-volume exhaustive Urdu Dictionary is published by Taraqqi-i-Urdu Board.
  • 1979: April 4: Z. A. Bhutto hanged in Rawalpindi jail.
  • 1988: April 20: Jahangir Khan wins seventh Squash title in a row.
  • 1992: April 26: Pakistan's Alam Channa enters Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest man in the world.
  • 1994: April 14: Pakistan's celebrated scientist Dr. Salimuzzaman Siddiqui dies in Karachi.
  • 1999: April 15: Pakistan conducts test of a nuclear-capable short-range ballistic missile, Shaheen.
  • 1999: April 16: Pakistan won Coca-Cola Cup final at Sharjah crushing India by 8 wickets.


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